Sunday, June 6, 2010

The following conversation actually took place...

Me: Our hostas are so large, they look like hedges! Husband: Host-edges? Me:  Nice.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Recipe: Simple Tsatsiki Dressing

Kefir makes this a thinner sauce than traditional tsatsiki.  You can use it as a dressing for a simple sliced cucumber salad, or as a dip for pita bread or to pair with grilled chicken gyros... actually, I think it's good on just about anything!

Mise en Place:

1½ c lowfat plain kefir

½ c grated cucumber (not needed if used as a sauce for sliced cucumber salad)

Can add more to taste:
¼ tsp sea salt

¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper

½ tsp garlic powder

This one is pretty straight forward.  Mix all the ingredients and give the flavors a chance to marry while you cook the rest of your meal. 

To "grate" the cucumber, I used a vegetable peeler, then chopped it finer with knife- I happen to like my knuckles just the way they are, thanks.

You can make this ahead of time, but remember to use less seasoning and taste test before serving.  The quanitities of the seasonings will vary depending not only on your personal preference, but also on the time of year.

Auntie Jeanne's Germany

When my nephew was learning about where people live, he was a little confused by the fact that my sister lived in Germany.  In his mind, just as some people lived in houses and others lived in apartments, Auntie Jeanne lived in Germany. 

We tried to explain that he lived in America, etc., but his concept of Germany remained intact: Germany was where Auntie Jeanne lived and therefore one could only conclude that Germany belonged to Auntie Jeanne.

The kid had a point.

Germany was thereafter legally recognized by our family as "Auntie Jeanne's Germany," Bundesrepublik Deutschland be damned. 

my nephew eating at a bar

A few years ago, Auntie Jeanne brought home her German boyfriend.  He spoke some English, but lacked the confidence that comes from actually speaking a language outside of a classroom.  I initially admired his courage- native speakers have been overwhelmed by my gregarious family- but soon concluded he really didn't know what he was in for.

Upon first meeting him, my nephew plunked down next to him on the living room couch, studied him intently for a thirty seconds and asked, "Do you have toilets in your Germany?" 

Unsolicited, my nephew calmly explained to him that, "According to logic, you should wash your face before you wash your butt."

However belatedly recognized, the kid had a point.

Gott sei dank, that boyfriend has been an ex- for almost a year.

Future Auntie Jeanne boyfriends beware!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The following conversation actually took place...

Jeanne:  I worked on my sculpture.  It needs something, though.

Me: More cowbell?

Jeanne: Yeah.  Yeah, that's what it needs.

Happy Birthday to the World's Coolest Little Sister!